Friday, December 02, 2011

Ballast/Break • Alexis Granwell & Carrie Scanga at the Lawndale Art Center

Ballast/Break  a show of TSA member Alexis Granwell's and Maine based Carrie Scanga's installation work. The show is at the Lawndale Art Center in Houston.

Alexis Granwell

"Ballast/Break is an exhibition of prints, sculpture, and installation work by Alexis Granwell and Carrie Scanga.  The work is based on the forms, structures, conduits, and patinas of cityscapes and the human-built environment. Granwell delves into the city’s grit and substance by incorporating handmade paper, found objects, and raw materials to create sculptures that evoke primitive architecture or landscapes under construction.  Her oversized etchings depict similar forms that contain both a physicality and a diagrammatic quality, while Scanga’s massive, apparently floating structure of paper bricks subverts this "

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