Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Interview with Summer Above Curator, Wallace Whitney"

Please click through to "The Nicola Midnight St. Claire" and read this interview with Wallace Whitney, curator of "Summer Above." This makes an interesting read whether or not you have gotten a chance to come by Tiger Strikes Asteroid to see the show (although I highly recommend that you do).
"The show looks nice at TSA, I realized at the opening it was the third show I have created since September (besides my normal CANADA co-curation duties) and that I have also done two solo shows of my own work since October.  So that, plus a room full of Philly's hip-wa-zee, plus a really nice low-pressure system, and several beers I was feeling great!  As far as the show there, I felt like I couldn't really describe it until I actually saw it installed.  It featured 4 artists, 2 Canada vets, Joanna Malinowska and Matt Connors, both of whom I have known for years now in New York and Lauren Luloff who I met maybe a year ago and who is my new go-to artist/excellent person and Roger Van Voorhees who I barely know at all.  So it was a way of extending myself comfortably, reaching for a brass ring while lying in a comfy bed. "  - Wallace Whitney
Intrigued? "Summer Above" is on view at Tiger Strikes Asteroid until June 23rd. We're open Saturday and Sunday 2-6pm, as well as by appointment - tigerstrikesasteroid at gmail dot com

These photos come courtesy of the Tiger Strikes Asteroid facebook page, do you "like" us?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Caroline Santa featured in ArtPneuma Video

ArtPneuma, "a project to produce awareness of artists, in order to shine a light on their work, process, and thinking," created this short documentary about Tiger Strikes Asteroid member Caroline Santa.

Santa's work was featured in Tiger Strikes Asteroid's most recent show "Coda." To learn more about ArtPneuma check out their youtube account or facebook page: ArtPneuma Facebook, ArtPneuma on Youtube.
Please check this out, there is nothing better than getting to hear artists speak about their own work and practice!