Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Tom Vance: Plan in the Philadelphia Weekly

"Tiger Strikes Asteroid, the artist-run, artist-curated exhibition space that shares an address with Vox Populi, will be holding the opening reception for “Plan,” a collection of works by Philadelphian and 2002 Tyler MFA graduate Thomas Vance. Vance, whose work has been featured in four group exhibitions at Fleisher-Ollman Gallery over the past decade, makes three-dimensional pieces such as his amorphous, painted-cardboard geodesics, which recall vegetation in form and Crayola in hue. Vance draws attention to the artifice of painting by covering the cardboard with thick brushstrokes that occasionally evoke wood grain—a nod to late Cubism. The purposefully artificial-looking objects reference natural forms, and they’re little microcosms of the human desire to tame and replicate nature. In the last few years, the artist has added a number of ink drawings to his portfolio, some of which were featured in Seraphim Gallery’s acclaimed “Let’s Go Enjoy Nature!” exhibit last month. His work on paper also turn on themes of nature and control; the recent Nikwai series juxtaposes wood-grain motifs with round figures that evoke the eponymous Japanese topiaries. (Lucy McGuigan)"

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