Sunday, December 05, 2010

Lucy Kim & Jeesoo Lee in the Philadelphia Weekly

"Installation art can sometimes be pretty inscrutable. Is it sculpture? Is it performance? Is it a painting that crawled its way out of the frame like a magic carpet? But these questions are the definition of what’s interesting about art—being asked (or even required) to think. Lucy Kim and Jeesoo Lee, two artists of Korean origin who count installation work as a significant part of their repertoire, will be giving viewers a lot to think about in their upcoming exhibition at Tiger Strikes Asteroid.

Born in Seoul and trained at RISD and Yale, Lucy Kim’s work roams the wide range between paintings of celebrity iconography and conceptual installations—her past work includes tinfoil impressions of her apartment and car’s interior and an apple painted with the likeness of Paris Hilton. Jeesoo Lee, also trained in the U.S., has described herself as “a painter working three-dimensionally,” projecting her painterly aesthetic into the realm of sculpture and installation—many of her pieces look like they belong in a pop-up book of abstract expressionism. Both women were formally trained as painters, but felt the need to break out of the frame into the third dimension."

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