Thursday, September 22, 2011

Title Magazine: "moving on" by Jessica Anne Clark

Please read this article in Title Magazine about TSA's current show, moving on.

William Blackhurst

"Group shows are sometimes akin to shared housing: ragtag bunches of wayward objects take shelter beneath bursts of halogen light to create a dubious whole. Under the auspices of amorphous themes, these inanimate strangers bide but never bond. In more mindful groupings, the works coalesce into a rich society full of feasting, discussion, argument, and agreement. Moving On is an excellent example of just this sort of household, with curator Ryan McCartney as captain of the commune. With bodies, mind and motion as the main topic of conversation, this collection of work by Carolee Schneemann, Tim Belknap, and William Blackhurst, is currently in residence at Tiger Strikes Asteroid’s new digs."

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