Friday, July 15, 2011

Susan Bricker at Mixed Greens in NYC

Susan Bricker's work is currently in a show at Mixed Greens in NYC. The group show "Cabin Fever" runs until August 19th.

Boy's Town, acrylic on paper,  12x16
"Bricker’s paintings, while certainly less ominous, use folded and skillfully manipulated paint to create a haunting impersonation of rumpled fabric, paper, or the feathers of an owl. Her abstracted still life painting is a startling source of tactile confusion."

Susan Bricker is also featured, with Amy Beecher, in our current show "Proof of My Unknowing Eyes."

"Cabin Fever" is up at Mixed Greens through August 19th.
Mixed Greens is located at 531 West 26th St, NY NY

"Proof of My Unknowing Eyes" is up at Tiger Strikes Asteroid through July 31st.
We're located on the second floor of 319A N 11th St, Phila., PA

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