Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jared Clark at Mulherin Pollard, Chelsea

Jared Clark's show "Orbital" is up now through March 26th (next Saturday) at Mulherin Pollard Gallery in Chelsea, NYC.
Clark, along with Jess Perlitz, was part of a show at Tiger Strikes Asteroid in November 2010.

From the essay for "Orbital", written by Andrew Kozlowski (read the entire thing here)

"Clark is adept at taking the theoretical concepts of modernism and minimalism and reapplying them to conditions that are not ideal. With a laboratory full of objects culled from thrift stores he sets about reconsidering modernist painting and minimalist sculpture. While Jared’s use of rescued objects may liken him to those artists classified as making found-art, it is his affinity for the flatness of painting that imbues his work with a sense of newness."

You can see Clark's "elegant mash-up of minimalism, action painting and pop art" at Mulherin Pollard Projects, 317 10th Ave (btwn 28th & 29th), open Wednesday to Sunday 11-6.

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