Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Three (plus one) Great Covers

I found some great covers recently that I'd like to share. The first is from River Cuomo's 2nd collection of home recordings, Alone 2. Love the combination of mid 90's distortion and Beach Boys harmonies -- two of my most favorite things!

Rivers Cuomo: Don't Worry Baby (Beach Boys cover)

The second is from the forthcoming Jon Brion Remix EP of Of Montreal songs. I'm really looking forward to this -- I love what Jon Brion does and thought he did great with the minimalist sound of Spoon in The Underdog and with the 1st version of the Fiona Apple album. I didn't think that Of Montreal could somehow get more Baroque, but Jon Brion did it. Just like how I didn't think that the Shins could get more poppy, but Of Montreal did it anyway (Oh, I should throw that cover in, too).

Of Montreal: First Time High (Reconstructionist Remix of An Eluardian Instance by Jon Brion)

Of Montreal: Know Your Onion (Shins cover)

The last cover is Bon Iver doing Feist -- a really lovely slow jam for you all :)

Bon Iver: The Park (Feist cover)

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